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Safari Sensory Room
Shelby, NC

Our unique environment simulates an immersive experience for each participant. The room features an 80" super-active LED bubble tube with swimming fish (utilizing a wireless controller with 9 switches & 8 colors), an 8ft long Rainbow Bumpas interactive sound panel, 37" Mega Pod interactive panel with touch and sound technology. Users can play music, move shapes, create kaleidoscope effects, trace shapes, and play memory games. A life size safari jeep immersion space with fiber optic rails. Light-up interactive aroma therapy panel. Musical Squares Hopscotch to activate gross motor skills as well as cause & effect reasoning. Wall to wall elephant safari mural with life-size giraffe, African bats, cheetah, and lion models, a star projector with over 5100 stars, and jungle fauna to bring out the most imaginative experience. This sensory room is designed to stimulate all 5 senses. Senses can be used to help us relax and to calm down; they can be used to make us more alert, to promote social interaction, and to help us interact with our environment.

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