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Underwater Ice Cave
Troutman, NC

Our beautiful facility provides an amazing sensory stimulating experience in our Underwater Ice Cave room. Equipped with an 80" superactive LED bubble tube with swimming fish (featuring wireless controller with 9 switches & 8 colors), a 25" interactive plasma tablet with educational apps and interactive gaming, 9 patterned ceiling tiles for visual stimulation, a self-contained scent box to stimulate smell, 4 larger than life polar bears who share their world and give a glimpse into their underwater den. The room is equipped with a star projector with over 5100 stars, a portable fiber optics waterfall, a 3 1/2 foot illuminated infinity mirror, an 8 panel Hopscotch board simultaneously challenging the vestibular, proprioceptive, visual, and auditory senses. The Hopscotch Panel features 64 pre-recorded sounds allowing the user to stand, sit, or touch the board to illuminate the wall and play sounds. There are a multitude of sound buttons on each wall with interchangeable LED lighting lining the ceiling in each room. The Icy environment is a bright visually stimulating experience mirrored by a Soft fur Cave Entrance leading into a black-lit, underwater dark room, illuminated by various interactive devices by the user. Simultaneously stimulating or relaxing the user depending on the participant's preference. The unique light/dark space is ideal for promoting social interaction and improving environmental interactions.

why is Sensory

a part of Quest?

Sensory preferences are specific to each individual, what calms one person may irritate another. Sensory input is especially helpful for persons with autism, blindness, or any type of functioning impairment. Our Clinical team conducts in-person assessments to create participant-specific treatment plans. The support professionals and family (if requested) are taught innovative approaches to sensory utilization, behavior management, and environment integration. This therapeutic method to service delivery provides a full circle of care; one where the participant, the family, the support professionals, and the treatment team work in unison to encompass a complete approach to care.

Our brain is constantly mapping and learning our world. Auditory, visual, tactile, and scent are all roads to self discovery and social awareness. Sensory allows us to step into a world of wild imagination...

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