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Currently located at 2329 E WT Harris Blvd in Charlotte (on Harris Blvd in the University area), 285 N Main St in Troutman, and 621 S DeKalb St in Shelby. The Day Activity centers focus on the needs, wants, & habilitative goals of the participants we serve. These are person directed facilities that will assist each participant in recognizing & pursuing their life goals & increasing community connections. Our program is very active in the community, below is a sample of the community activities we are involved in...


Urban Restoration

Samaritan's Feet

LYNXX Lightrail

Charlotte Nature Museum

Monroe Animal Hospital

Bobcats Arena

PR Marching Band

Char-Meck Fire/Police Dept

Fox News Channel

Zuma Fitness


Reeds Gold Mine

Lazy 5 Ranch

The Epilepsy Foundation

Joni & Friends

Camp Soar

WBTV- Channel 3 News

Joy Prom

PAWS for People

Extreme Ice

Horticulture Club

Yoga Pretzels

& so so so much more!


At Quest Provider Services, we believe that each person is a unique individual on a journey to personal fulfillment. Disability should not determine social status, rather the community as a whole should embrace the beauty and gifts of every human being. Quest Provider Services began with the intent of empowering individuals to direct and participate in managing their own care.


Through education, community programs, and our own example, we will influence the way society views and values individuals with disabilities and overcome social barriers.


Self-awareness and self-determination are the seeds of effective leadership skills. The TRUST Committee is a participant led rights & advocacy group emphasizing community roles and leadership skills.




Value = Change! The first step in re-shaping inclusion is demonstrating how our skills and talents have value in our local communities. Participating in community events & advocating for change through action is core to Quest values.  



Cappuccino Cafe is a forum for open discussion on policy change, community events, activities, and so much more.


Charlotte Day Activity Center

Our facility features a multitude of rooms & amenities that set us above the competition. We feature a library, Exercise gym, Multi-purpose room, Army combat changing room, Lorax sensory room, Seashore kitchen, Breast Cancer Awareness Art room, Classroom, and more.

At Quest Activity Center activities are centered around the interests and ambitions of the individuals we support. Every effort is made to be inclusive of all persons during each activity regardless of disability or impairment. Each participant has the opportunity to participate in a weekly Cappuccino Cafe meeting, a forum for individuals to discuss their ideas, plan events, and implement new activities within our program.

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Day Supports (Individual & Group)

Flex Path:

Participants create and submit a weekly calendar consisting of goal oriented community based activities (1 facility day). Calendars are subject to guardian and AC approval. QPs will regularly make unscheduled calendar checks to ensure accountability. (Flex Path is only available to participants receiving Individual Day Supports)

Structured Day:

A creative structured calendar consisting of facility and community based activities. Participants will be required to participate in scheduled activities. (For group and individual participants)

Quest offers two activity tracks for Day Support participants, Structured Day & Flex Path.


Polar Junction - Troutman, NC

Our facility features a multitude of rooms & amenities that set us above the competition. We feature a library, Exercise gym, Multi-purpose room, Wilderness changing room, Underwater Ice Cave room, kitchen, World Wildlife Foundation Computer Lab, Paris Meeting Room, Seashore Art room, Classroom, and more.


Coming Soon...

Cameroon Station- Shelby, NC

Our brand new facility takes participants on a journey to creative adventures. We feature a library, Michael Jordan Exercise gym, Multi-purpose room, Super hero changing room (with electronic height adjusted table), African Safari sensory room, bubble tube, safari jeep, life-size 7ft baby giraffe, interactive display panel, gaming center with U-Turn Air Hockey, Wii Interactive gaming, Pac-Man Table, Basketball, 65" computer display, karaoke, and more.

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Quest believes in the power of good works. Each of our facilities focuses on a global issue in an effort to raise awareness, funds, and improve our world. Charlotte= Breast Cancer Awareness; The Polar Junction= Plight of the polar bears and our newest facility, Cameroon Station= Support a Ranger. The facility holds an annual event to raise funds to financially support a Wildlife Ranger in Cameroon. These rangers risk their lives to protect our world's natural resources and save the lives of animals in Africa. In 2017, Quest raised over $14,000 to support our national awareness causes.

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