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In short... YOU do!

who HOLDS us accountable?

One of the responsibilities of the participants being served by the agency is to voice concerns, talk about changes you want and tell people, DSP, staff, administrators when you see things you would like changed. The CQL, the Human Rights Committee, Community Partners, Natural Support Networks, MCOs, The Division of Health Service Regulation and DMA are other agencies or people who also provide input and hold us accountable. Accreditation is a joint effort. A commitment to enrich the lives of every person; To ensure they are not silent or voiceless, but equip them with the tools necessary to become integral, empowering, and productive members of the community.




who ENDORSES us?

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare is the largest specialty health plan in the country, serving 875,000 members. Recognized for operational excellence, innovative solutions and superior outcomes for members.




Partners BHM is a specialty health plan serving 8 counties in NC. They are recognized for innovative solutions, quality care, and community partnerships.




In 2007 Quest Provider Services officially incorporated in North Carolina. In 2008, Mecklenburg county reviewed and endorsed Quest as an approved CAP provider agency. North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance also reviewed, endorsed, and approved Quest as a Medicaid provider.

In 2009 Quest underwent the accreditation process with The Council on Quality & Leadership, an internationally recognized accreditation body. Quest was awarded the highest honor of a four year international accreditation.

In 2013, Quest successfully completed our second four year accreditation with the CQL. Quest is honored to participate in the CQL's Person Centered Excellence Accreditation from 2013-2017.

In 2014, North Carolina implemented The Routine Monitoring Review, a state standardized audit tool for all Medicaid providers. Quest was reviewed by Cardinal, Partners, Sandhills, & Alliance and received a score of 100% compliance on all audits.

In 2016, Quest underwent a Routine Monitoring Review with NC updated standards through Cardinal Innovations Healthcare and again received a score of 100%. We are confident Quest will continue to exceed state standards for all MCOs with the support and assistance of our families, administrative team, and our DSP family.

why THE CQL?

Alliance is the managed care organization, or MCO, for public behavioral healthcare for the citizens of Durham, Wake, Cumberland and Johnston counties in North Carolina.




Sandhills Center is a publicly-funded MCO (Managed Care Organization) committed to helping the people of central North Carolina receive the best care possible for their mental health, substance abuse, and intellectual & developmental disabilities. We manage a network of service providers; we ensure the quality of services being provided; and we are a resource for behavioral health care information or assistance.

Leaders in Advocacy...The CQL is dedicated to the definition, measurement, and improvement of personal quality of life.

Learn more about

The Council on Quality & Leadership

The CQL is a recognized leader for quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities, the organizations, and the communities that support them. The CQL is an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to being the leader for excellence in the definition, measurement, and evaluation of personal and community quality of life for people with disabilities. The CQL originated in the late 1960s in an effort to stop the abuses and inhumane treatment in the large public institutions serving people with developmental disabilities. Quest feels the exceptional track record of the CQL will ensure our agency is held to the highest standards and best practices. We aspire to adopt, enhance, and implement the principles and values set by the CQL. 

Self-improvement is essential to Quest and we are counting on the input, suggestions, and support of the community we serve to assist us in maintaining our international accreditation.

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