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A beautiful story of inspiration and encouragement...

Envision for a moment the wonderment and awe of a newborn infant, so perfect, so innocent. Delivered into the open and loving arms of her adoptive parents at 10 days old, perfect in every way. Her newborn tears innocently mistaken for hunger, her brain silently and devastatingly invaded by meningitis. Now at 4, still beautiful and amazing, her disability seems overwhelming & monumental. She is unable to see, hear, speak, or control her body temperature. Assigned to a young and idealistic new staff, therapeutic goals often seem an impossible task. Day after day we ran goals and implemented new strategies to help the child feel, hear, and see new things, even if not with her eyes. Day after day we waited...waited for a response, hoping we had made a difference. Seven months and three days later she made her first sign. Three months later, her first hug. Open the window a little as her supports increase and you will see this little girl smile. Now throw several windows open wide and you'll see this little girl, a few years down the road...walking. A miracle, right?

Such transformations of individuals always hold an element of the miraculous; and yet as do most miracle, this one planted and nurtured the seed of miraculous works within my heart. Together, with the collaborative vision of our families and friends, believing miracles are possible, we decided to stand out above the rest. We felt the field of developmental disabilities needed a new face; a company who strongly emphasized quality over quantity and valued individuality, honoring the people in all aspects of their lives. We also firmly believed that the root of superior services begins with quality, educated, and exceptional support staff. It is the strength of our supports and our ability to rally community partners that will continue to open windows of opportunity for the individuals we serve. Those individuals are the foundation of our company, their needs, personal goals, and aspirations guide the change that continually improves our services. All of the windows are not yet open, and the vision part of that vision; help us open windows in your life and the lives of the individuals we serve.

Quest Provider Services will strive to encourage and empower individuals with disabilities through a person directed approach to achieve their full potential, pursue their life goals and direct their world.

Quest will assist individuals with disabilities in their search for services that best meet their needs, improve their family and community connections by encouraging them to make informed choices about where they live, play, work, and socialize. Quest will pursue community partnerships, enhance community connections and educate our society in an effort to help our world include all individuals and acknowledge the value and gifts that each person holds.

Quest will take an innovative approach to quality care and be willing to accept and embrace change, creating a policy of continual growth, education, review, and enhancement.

It is the policy of Quest Provider Services to include the individuals we support and assist them in participating in helping our agency to continually evolve and re-develop our organization's philosophy, vision, mission, beliefs, practices, daily routines and policy and procedures.

Quest Provider Services was founded in 2007

by Katelynn Donovan in an attempt to provide

CAP I/DD services as they were intended by

the NC Waiver. Kate set out to provide

"habilitative" services that serve the person's

needs and not the agency's bottom dollar. Her

continual ambition to grow and exceed expectations

has led to a superior service provider and exceptional company.

Kate began working in CAP in 2000 as a one-on-one with children with developmental

disabilities. She continued growing in the field through college and took an

administrative position in 2005 with a local agency. This position offered a multitude of

educational opportunities and Kate soon discovered her ideals and ambitions were met with fierce

distain. It appeared most agencies lacked creativity and felt finances were paramount to service delivery

& service quality. It was through this path of self-discovery that Kate branched out on her own and pioneered

a new kind of agency; A CAP company that put the person first. In fact an agency that saw "people" as the starting point of all services, an agency that put the person first. Through this approach, Quest has grown and prospered. We are proud to move ahead to our 10th anniversary in 2017 with unlimited potential and an amazing therapeutic horizon ahead of us.  

"The support

of my children

and the Quest family has made this dream possible."


"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant"

                            ~Robert Louis Stevenson


is my solid


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